Reds Rally Game: Near EPIC WIN!!1!

Reds Rally Game: EPIC WIN
Finally, I won the damn Reds Rally game today. Everyone else in the ballpark did too. It must have been all that faith from Faith Day going around. So, no big prize for me, though. The 25 items they give away for the game were long gone by time BP hit the three-run jack to help me complete a row. So, I’m prizeless, but I feel good about winning. I really do.

It was a good day at the ballpark. Not only did I win the Rally Game, I also got my photo with Rosie and the Reds routed the Pouljos Nine. I had not been to a game in three weeks, and a lot has happened since then. Most notably: lots of losing. Seeing a big win was a treat. Oh – I also saw that big EE is getting some dental work. Lookin’ good!

In the past, we’ve mentioned the baseball card deal they have at GABP – buy four packs of baseball cards and get two free Reds tickets. If you buy four now, there are actually three games you can choose from: September 2-4. That’s a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday is a Business Man’s special, of course. So, just a heads up on that deal. When I did the deal a few weeks ago we got decent seats in the View Level.

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