Sweet Lou takes tour of Ohio

Lou Pinella
So, get this… Instead of taking the team charter, Cubs manager Lou Pinella and first base coach Matt Sinatro decided they would rather drive down to Cincinnati from Chicago on their own. Of course, mayhem ensues and they get lost. Apparently, they took 80/90 across northern Indiana intending to hit I-75 around Toledo and head south. Well, they miss 75 and wind up damn near in Pennsylvania. What the hell? First off, who goes that way from Chicago to Cincinnati, and then… nice job on getting lost. Here Lou, These are for next time.

Also, here is Lou dressed up as an er… pirate.


  1. KC

    I bet Lou and Ol’ Blue Eyes wanted to sneak in one last trip to Cedar Point and didn’t realize they were closed on weekdays. They were just too embarrassed to admit it.

  2. Hall Monitor

    Check out http://detentionslip.org for a story about a school bus driver who was lost with a bus load of kids for 4 1/2 hours!

  3. Dan

    Was Dusty Baker driving that bus?

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