Forty Four is back!

Eric Davis
The REAL #44, that is – Mr. Eric Davis. That’s right, Davis had been with the team working with players last month and now it’s been announced that he’ll be a roving instructor for the organization next year.

This is awesome – the club is really digging into their rich history and getting former players involved with the big league club as well as the farm system. The guys they have been bringing on board know how to play the game and how to win. This can only help our young team.

It’s obvious that this season is lost, but you have to be a real fair-weather fan to not be excited about the future.

Oh… I actually have a copy of the Eric Davis instructional video on hitting – “Hitting From The Heart“. I’ll have to watch that sometime to see what the Reds are really getting into. It should be entertaining at least.

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