Epic Fail

Enjoyed a Reds win Wednesday night at my last game of the season. Harang was back to his old form with a complete game shutout against the Cards (better late than never, right?) and the Triple-A lineup that Dusty put out there even scored a few runs to support him.

But the real highlight was the epic fail on several fronts when two guys decided to jump onto the field and go for a jog.

They both hopped onto the field from the third base side, around where the ballboy sits. The one dude made a beeline for the centerfield wall and made an attempt to jump up and get back off the field. He didn’t jump high enough, and while we was scrambling to pull himself up he was grabbed and thrown off the wall and slammed to the ground by a cop. Epic Fail #1.

The other guy made an even worse attempt to jump up on the centerfield wall, and decided to turn around and run around the outfield and back to the infield dodging cops and security guards like a young Barry Sanders (except he was not really at all like Barry Sanders). The fact that he managed to elude the cops for as long as he wanted to was pretty fun to watch. Each new cop that joined the chase would sprint after him for about 3 seconds, get winded and give up. Epic Fail #2.

This kid finally got bored of the cops being unable to catch him, and he put his hands up and got down on his needs to give himself up (which you can’t really see in the terrible camera phone picture above). Weak. At least keep running back to where you jumped on the field, or just stand there and get tackled by the pissed off cops. Running on the field and then giving yourself up – Epic Fail #3.

At least they didn’t get tased.


  1. Dan

    hijinx indeed!

  2. warnickart.com

    you know, another epic fail is that camera phone pic!

  3. Paul

    Oh BURN!

    Yeah, you’re right, the photo is pretty awful.

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