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Strong post about Dusty discussing the Patterson rumor, Dan. I couldn’t disagree more with Dusty that he’s HAD to play Patterson. You just don’t play a guy who’s struggling to hit .200. THERE ARE ALWAYS OTHER OPTIONS!

• Also, Edinson Volquez has been scratched from his final start. Which means there might be an even better chance of him undeservedly finishing fifth or sixth in NL Cy Young voting, as I predicted yesterday.

Ozzie Guillen is getting annoyed with those questioning his decision to stick with Junior in center field. Did anyone see this coming?

Dunn and the D’backs are on the ropes. And the Cardinals didn’t even start Pujols, Glaus or Ryan Ludwick.

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  1. Dan

    I saw that about Voltron too. I figured they are just shutting him down to save his arm…. just a LITTLE bit. He’s probably pitched more innings this year than the rest of his career. I guess we’ll see what Pettyjohn has huh? Plus, it’s not like Volquez has a great shot at the Cy Young. If he did… maybe he would have started that game.

    Innings… yep. 196 this year. The most he pitched before was 144 last year mostly in the minors.

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    Nolan Ryan would run him out the mound though, wouldn’t he?

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