The Offseason?

This is a stove. It may be hot. Or not. Think whatever you want
Is the ON SEASON here at Well, that’s probably a stretch. But, we’re all excited about this Reds offseason for many reasons. The Reds will be looking better next year. What moves will Jocketty have in store for the team? There are many great off-season events we are stoked about: Big Red Machine Reunion, Moeller Sports Card Show, Redsfest. Plus, spring training is right around the corner! Hellz yeah.

We are still sorting out our plans, but we will likely be at all the events and doing a little photoblogging, if not more here at

Big Red Machine Reunion
November 14-16
Duke Energy Center
more information

This is a pretty neat event and we’ll try and stop by. I have never been before, so not sure what to expect. The autograph prices are pretty steep, so I probably won’t be picking anything up at the show.

Moeller Thanksgiving Spectacular
November 28-30
Moeller High School
More information

I haven’t been to this show since I was a kid! They have a fantastic line-up this year featuring players from the the ’90s as well as current guys. Here’s a list of who’s signing at the show. It’s pretty impressive, really. The prices are not too bad, either.

Dave Parker (The Cobra!!!)
Joey Votto (VOTTOtron is happy)
Chris Dickerson (Exciting!)
Kal Daniels (Awesome, except I remember him more as a Dodger)
Ron Robinson (Big Red Ron)
Tom Browning (Mr. Frickin’ Hilarious)
Jon Warden (Actually, we are pretty stoked about Mr. Warden being there)

There are also a slew of minor leaguers with local ties that will be signing as well – very reasonably priced at $3 a signature. Check out for information on times, prices, etc.

We’ll be there for at least one day, if not more and putting up some photos from the show while we are there. Stay tuned!

Also, Cincy Card Shows need some help with their website. It makes my eyeballs bleed every time I go there for information. Make it stop!!

Redsfest XI
December 12-13
Duke Energy Center
More Information

OMGreds will be there with bells on. We might even blow out a special section here on the site for it. Planning is in the works now. Of course, most of our planning meeting consist of either going to Cyclones games for cheap PBR or Snappy Tomato Pizza buffet at lunch during the week – so you can imagine how much stuff we actually get done.

Anyways, we’re doing our best to win the VIP Sweepstakes so we can bring you an exclusive inside look at the whole thing. But, that hinges on actually winning. We’ll see how that goes. Wish us luck.

Of course, what is the best thing about Redsfest? The autographs! We’re total nerds about that stuff and we’re excited about the folks that are slated to attend Redsfest as of today:

Bronson Arroyo, Jeff Brantley, Marty Brennaman, Thom Brennaman, Jay Bruce, Jared Burton, Leo Cardenas, Clay Carroll, Zack Cozart, Chris Dickerson, Danny Dorn, George Foster, Todd Frazier, George Grande, Paul Janish, Jeff Keppinger, Devin Mesoraco, Brandon Phillips, Adam Rosales, Jordan Smith, Drew Stubbs, Chris Valaika, Joey Votto, Brandon Waring, and Chris Welsh.


Second wave of confirmations: Daryl Thompson, Ryan Hanigan, Craig Tatum, Jack Billingham, Wayne Granger, Jerry Lynch, Chuck Harmon, Tommy Helms, and Jim Maloney.

Watch out, I need to get my ’87 Topps Chris Welsh card signed, so just stay out of my way, okay? Cool. Thanks.

More on all this as each event approachs – Make sure to keep at the top of your bookmarks and our RSS feed on lock.

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