Kiss Cam in Hi-Def?

Rosie Red hogging Kiss Cam
Sounds like the Reds are planning on upgrading the video scoreboard at Great American Ball Park to a new hi-def setup. Sweet! I thought there was talk of this last year, so looking forward to it happening for the upcoming season. I would bet that the Reds caved to Rosie Red’s demands – she needs to maximized the cuteness and hi-def was the way. More about this and the gutting of the 4192 Club on the Biz Courier.

Btw, Rookie of the Year awards will be announced later today. We are crossing our fingers for Mr. Votto…

UPDATE: The Cubs’ Geovany Soto does get the NL ROY.



    votto had better stats in just about every category than soto.

  2. David Clark

    Yeah, I saw a couple of comments – including one in particular on CBS Sportsline that stirred debate – about how Votto’s rookie campaign can’t even be compared to Soto’s because Soto is a catcher who proved much more valuable to his team, and the commentor suggested that the “complete idiot” who did cast his first-place vote for Votto instead of Soto should have credentials revoked. Good statistical comparison in ccman2007’s reply to the comment, which shows Votto (as mentions above) actually posted better numbers, including 12 points higher in batting average. I think it’s more than a little absurd to call the guy who gave Votto the first-place vote a complete idiot. I don’t see it.

    Also, I find it hilarious in a sad way that Volquez – who wasn’t eligible – finished better than Bruce in voting. Do your homework!

  3. David Clark

    Oh, and’s Gennaro Filice had a good blog post about the Volquez votes being counted.

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