Is Atkins the answer?

Garrett Atkins

With Matt Holliday reportedly off the table and headed to Oakland, Paul Daugherty seems to think they should get Garrett Atkins. But he seems to me too similar to the types of guys the Reds have acquired in the past. Had a great season three years ago and maybe he can recapture that. Atkins has had more than 600 at-bats for the past three seasons, so his health hasn’t been an issue. His production has fallen off from .329-29-120 in 2006 to .301-25-111 in 2007 to .286-21-99 this past year, but .286 is still respectable, right? Better than Encarnacion’s .251. But look at what Atkins’ walk and strikeout numbers have done. In his outstanding 2006, he walked (79) more than he struck out (76). 67 walks and 96 strikeouts in 2007. 40 walks and 100 strikeouts last year. That’s a big difference in two years. You have to wonder what’s going on to cause that, especially for a guy who in theory is supposed to be hitting his stride at 28. I’m not sure the Reds can justify spending a ton of money on a guy who might not be that much of an upgrade. And who knows, as Daugherty mentions, how inflated his numbers are because of Coors.

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