Hot Stove update: Bullpen edition

Arthur Rhodes time

The Chicago Tribune’s Fred Mitchell reports that Dusty Baker intends to give Kerry Wood a call to “see what’s up.” I’d say that’s a longshot. Someone will offer Wood a lot of money to close. We’ve got Cordero (unless Dusty thinks we’ll trade him) and Wood’s not going to be a set-up guy here. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be fine with trading Coco and acquiring Wood, if that’s part of the larger plan and Coco’s going to get us J.J. Hardy or someone like that.

In other bullpen-related Hot Stove developments, the Reds offered Stormy Weathers arbitration and Arthur Rhodes’ agent told that the Reds have made an offer for the free agent.

Arthur Rhodes is exactly the kind of lefty middle reliever I would expect the Reds to go out and get. If he can pull a rabbit out of his hat and reproduce his impressive 2008 statistics in 2009, he’d be a great acquisition. But he’s 39. He didn’t pitch in the majors in 2007 and he was 0-5 with a 5.32 ERA with the Phillies in 2006. Remember Rheal Cormier? He was about the same age when he reinvented himself with the Phillies and posted a 1.59 ERA in 43 appearances before the Reds acquired him. That didn’t turn out so well.

I realize you need a stopgap with Affeldt gone and Weathers and Lincoln possibly leaving, and Rhodes has proven he can get lefties out, but it’s hard to say how much longer he’ll be effective. If he had a 0.68 ERA in 25 appearances for the Marlins, why don’t they want to bring him back? I guess you could at least expect Rhodes to be as serviceable as Mike Lincoln was last year (after he was out of baseball for the previous three seasons). The difference is Lincoln was signed to a minor-league deal and invited to spring training; Rhodes will get $1.6 million for a year.

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  1. Dan

    Man, all this Kerry Wood talk is crazy. Why does Dusty even talk about that stuff? Is some sort of reverse strategery?

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