Srsly, Reds fans are the best

Barry Larkin Autograph
Since the beginning of OMGreds I’ve struck up a few friendships with fellow baseball bloggers – Reds fans, card collectors, etc. It’s been fun, educational and sometimes rewarding. The folks that are apart of the this community can be EXTREMELY generous and that was evident to me tonight when I checked my mailbox. Joe from Cincy Reds Cards sent me a mind-blowing box of Reds cards out of the blue. Seriously, there must be 300 some cards in the box he sent – see the photo on the right. 2/3 of the cards were of our main man, Barry Larkin. Going through all the loot was like Christmas morning when you’re 5-years-old. Flat out glorious. Eric Davis, Johnny Bench, Adam Dunn, Junior, Brandon Phillips… the list goes on. The kicker? Two autographed cards from none other than Mr. Larkin (see above and Johnny Cueto. WHAT? WHAT? That’s some serious loot right there.

Joe and I have swapped a few emails this year and quite a few blog comments as well. He’s out in Salt Lake City, so he’s a long-distance Reds fan. It’s good to see the love for the Reds across the country. The thing about Joe is that he lost his entire card card collection – and probably a lot his belongings in an apartment fire over the summer. The blogging community came together and sent him LOADS of Reds cards to cheer him up a bit. OMGreds sent a little package as well… but nothing compared to what he just sent me.

Now, the other half of Cincy Reds Cards, Brad has been awesome to me as well – hooking me up with a handful of Joey Votto, Reds and Bengals cards. I was probably doing him a favor taking those Bengals cards! Just sayin’… the fellas at Cincy Reds Cards are the best. Check out their blog. They haven’t updated in a bit… but what is there if flat out hilarious.

So, I just want to say thanks to Joe and Brad and tell everyone how truly awesome Reds fans are.

PS… you all see the rumors about Larkin’s return to the Reds?


  1. fwbaseball

    Wow. That is a flat out kick @$$ story. Some of my hope for all of humanity has been restored. WTG Reds fans.

  2. Bay Rat North West

    Glad you liked the package. And to think I forgot to put a stack of cards in there. Some Vottos and others are coming at you before Christmas.

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