Dye a Red?

Jermaine Dye a Cincinnati Red?
Dayton Daily’s Hal McCoy is reporting that Jermaine Dye is now a Red. Homer Bailey is being shipped to Chicago in-exchange for the right-handed hitting veteran.

Sounds good to me. This past season was not exactly HOMER-TIME. Plus, we need a veteran right-handed batter in the order. Any thoughts out there?

GAH! UPDATE! (12.7) Deal NOT done… Sox want more than Bailey… Dye & his agent haven’t heard a thing… DRAMA-RAMA!

UP-UPDATE! (12.7) The Reds are denying the deal at the moment…

UP-UP-UPDATE (12.9) The Sox are being patient with Dye… “We’ll We’ll just have to wait and see what the meetings… this goes in regards to everyone who’s on our current roster. We’ll just have to see what the week brings us.” – Sox GM Kenny Williams

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