Redsfest: Ahoy!

It’s that time of year, boys and girls. REDSFEST TIME! We here at OMGreds celebrate it to it’s fullest. It’s where hope for the upcoming season springs eternal and the autographs flow like fine Two Buck Chuck. We love it. We revel in it. We even wallow in it a little bit. As is customary with anything that crosses Reds with Kickass we’ll be there and photoblogin’ that shizz. So, keep your eyes peeled over there and drop us a few comments on our lackluster mobile phone photography.

2008 Redsfest goals:

– Ron Oester autograph on our ’87 Topps
– Photo with Brandon Phillips’ pearly white grill
– A lock of The Cowboy’s mullet
– Pitching tips from Chris Welsh
– Heckle the Bronson Arroyo Band
– High five Walt Jocketty
– Strike out Joey Votto in wiffle ball
– Do Da Dip with Rosie Red
– Give Jim Day a noogie.

Have you seen the list of Reds folks that will be appearing? Impressive to say the list.

See ya there.


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