Larkin headed to MLB Network

According to this report on, Barry Larkin will become a studio analyst for the new MLB Network, which is set to take to the airwaves on January 1.

It would have been cool to see the Reds bring him back into the organization after he parted ways with Ol’ Leatherpants and the Nationals, but it will be great to see him breaking down highlights every night on TV. And, it looks like we’ll actually be able to see him, as most of the major satellite and cable carriers have agreed to broadcast the new network, including DirecTV and Time Warner.

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  1. Dan

    I still do think he will be back with the Reds at some point. He might just be testing the waters of some other opportunities and seeing what’s up. Plus, the way the Reds ended it with him… I would be a little cautious too… even with new ownership. Good for Barry, though. I’m glad to see him not with the Nats anymore.

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