2009 Reds Bobbleheads: OMGreds predictions

Reds Tom Browning Bobblhead
The Reds are throwing a few small wrinkles in the bobblehead pormotions this year. A couple of things stand out:

A) They are doing four, yes… count ’em… FOUR bobbleheads this year.

B) All bobblehead games are on Saturdays some against some good teams, too!

C) There will be a “Fan’s Choice” bobblehead this year. GREAT idea.

Here are the Bobblehead dates. These and other promotions can be found on any 2009 pocket schedule. I picked one up at Redsfest.

Bobblehead #1
Saturday, May 9 vs. Cardinals

Bobblehead #2
Saturday, July 4 vs. Cardinals

Bobblehead #3 (Fan’s Choice)
Saturday, July 18 vs. Brewers

Bobblehead #4
Saturday, August 15 vs. Nationals

For reference, here is my one prediction from last year, and a list of all the bobbleheads the Reds have done since 2001.


The fan’s choice is throwing a pretty good (but fun) curveball on the thinking of what the Reds might do this season. There are a few givens, I believe, and those givens will pave the way for my thoughts on the fan’s choice possibilities. So, here are my three picks for Reds promotional department choices:

Edison Volquez – LOCK
Edison VolquezVolton was our lone All-Star game representative. That virtual guarantee a bobblehead. It’s like a reward for making it to the All-Star game for the Reds. Felipe Lopez got one, remember? I have a feeling Edison will turn out a little better for us. So yeah, put Edison on lock for a bobblehead this season.

Joey Votto – GOOD CHANCE
Joey VottoOur home skillet Votto tore up National League pitching last year to secure a second place finish in the ROY voting. The ROY would have put him on lock for a bobble, but alas, the Cubs’ Geovany Soto had a great season and beat him out. Joey is a part of that young core of talent that the Reds are going to by hyping this season. That means bobblehead, folks.

Jay BruceBRUUUUUUUUUUCE may get one this year, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they waited on him. Reds probably don’t want to do the entire young core of the team in just one season. Since Jay didn’t garner much award action last season, it’s likely that the Reds will wait on him He’s more of a fan favorite that Votto, why not string the whole thing out, right?

Johnny Cueto – NOT LIKELY
See: Jay Bruce. Same deal and a even a little less popular than Jay. That’s not to say the fans don’t love Johnny Cueto, it’s just not the right time for a bobble just yet.

Francisco Cordero – NOT LIKELY
But, I say that and Coco could be bobbling at some point this season. You never know! I have seen ideas thrown out there by fans to do a Latin Pitching Club bobblehead series. Cuteo, Coco, Volquez, Mario Soto. It would be a fun one, but not likely to happen. He is one of the few established veterans on the team and the only one without a Reds bobblehead (Arroyo, Harang).

Edwin Encarnacion – WILD CARD
I don’t where EE stands. He might be likely to get one this year. Though he has been with the Reds for a few years now, he’s still young, folks – 25. There are a lot of fans that either want him traded or moved to another position. But, the guy can be a dynamic player and the potential is obviously there and gets flashed a little more each year. Maybe he breaks out in ’09 and he’s a lock for a bobblehead in 2010.

So, that’s two solid picks, and another couple of who knows? I say Bruce fits well in that thrid spot… the people want it. I just think the Reds should hold off on at least of their young players.

Now, that leaves the fans choice. I figure that if they are going to do a couple of the current players for sure, voting on more current players for this slot will either be insanely lopsided (say, Jay Bruce getting all the votes or something), or the bobblehead will feel more like an after thought. My thinking is that the Reds are going to basically do a Reds Hall of Fame Bobblehead for this one. Since a lot of great players have been done already from the Big Red Machine, the Wire-to-Wire teams and a few characters in-between, they will need to dig down a little deeper for the next great past Red to honor with a bobble. So, I think they will throw out 5-6 past Reds and leave it to the fans. It will invoke some passion on the part of Reds fans and maybe some fist-fights at the voting both. Well, maybe not. But, I think it’s a GREAT idea and a good time to do it. Let’s throw out a few names:

George Foster
George FosterI’ve called for his bobble in the past, and I will do it again. He has been making a lot of appearances at Reds stuff the past few years (Redsfest, Hall of Fame Events, Big Red Machine Reunion) and he’s got that Dancing with the Stars petition out there. He’s begging for some attention. Give it to him.

Ted Kluszewski
Ted KluszewskiI’ve always wanted to see The Big Klu in bobble head form. sleeveless jersey, big arms, big bat. It would PWN all the other Reds bobbleheads. He’s got a statue in the front lawn of Great American Ball Park. He should have a bobblehead on your desk at work.

Johnny Vander Meer
Johnny Vander MeerOf course, it should be a dual bobblehead… right. Two no-hitters in a row. That’s a huge piece of not only Reds history, but baseball itself. Johnny should be immortalized with a nodder.

Ernie Lombardi
Ernie LombardiSee the Big Klu… the guy has a statue out front! Let’s hope the Reds start diggin’ deep in the past for inspiration this year. Let’s teach the kids about our Hall of Fame catcher, Mr. Lombardi.

Sparky Anderson
Sparky AndersonA fan favorite, for sure. The only member of the Big Red Machine that is in the Hall of Fame and doesn’t have a bobblehead. Folks will turn out in droves for this one.

Now, even if the fan vote does go the Reds Hall of Fame route, I think there still might be a chance for a past Red to have a bobblehead already slated for the season. I would give those odds to George Foster. Perhaps a dancing George Foster?

Well, that’s it. I’d say the only solid is Volquez, everything else is left open to debate… but the young guys like Bruce, Votto and Cueto look to have some promotional action thrown their way this season. Of course, OMGreds is looking forward to it all.


  1. David Clark

    My vote is for Arthur Rhodes.

  2. Dan

    Stick him on a dual with Taveras. Ugh.

  3. DanNo Gravatar

    Dave – you were so on point with that Arthur Rhodes vote. Preach on!

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