Starting to get worried

I’m not a huge Willy Taveras fan. His on-base percentage last season was .308 and his slugging percentage was .296, lowest among players who qualified for the batting title. In 133 games, he batted .251 with 18 of his 120 hits going for extra bases.

I know he had 68 stolen bases, but you can’t steal first. Sure he’ll get infield hits, but I don’t think it’ll be enough. You need your leadoff guy to get on base. We all know how pathetic Corey Patterson’s numbers were last season. Taveras doesn’t get on base much more than Patterson. I don’t see how it’s really that much of an upgrade.

And then I read this quote from Jocketty:

He could end up being the left fielder if we can’t get that RBI man, which might be hard to do at this point.

And this one:

With Bruce and Taveras, we have two of our outfield spots filled.

Uh oh. Do you really expect to compete for the NL Central title with a starting outfield of Willy Taveras, Jay Bruce and Chris Dickerson/Norris Hopper?

I guess you never know. I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t think Jerry Hairston Jr. would contribute much when we signed him. I’m just not as excited about Ramon Hernandez and Willy Taveras as I would be about J.J. Hardy, Alex Rios, Juan Rivera, Jermaine Dye or some big right-handed bat.

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