Reds Sign Hairston

Pretty uncreative title I know, but its 11:30 and Robbie is tired. Although as tired as I may be I thought I’d post the good news that Hairston and the Reds have reached a deal worth $2 million. You can read all about the deal on


  1. Mike_R

    good signing. That story was weird…it didn’t mention Keppinger at all.

  2. Dan

    yeah, no mention of Keppy, but that’s okay. It’s how those stories go on MLB sometimes ;)

    seems like a good signing. two million is a nice reward for him after barely making league minimum last year. With A-gon likely not playing, this is looking good.


    yeah i’m glad they were able to bring him back. i just hope he can stay healthy.

    i agree about the non-mention of keppinger, kinda weird.

  4. David Clark

    Kinda weird that there’s no mention of Keppinger in that story, don’t you think?

  5. Dan

    here’s some commentary from Fay:

    My feeling is that the Reds are still planning on having Gonzalez at short at some point in the season. Between that and Keppy (just a tad odd that there was no mention in the original article, i guess) Hairston is not going to play 150+ games at SS. Or even close to that. My guess is they don’t have things set at all and will see how spring training plays out. Fay does have a good point about Hairston at leadoff and Keppy over Hopper or Dickerson in the lineup.

    plus… we’ll have to see if he can stay healthy all year. all our SS options: AGon, Keppy, Hairston have spent some good time on the DL the past few years.

    anyways, they play the games for a reason. we’ll see what happens :)

  6. Dan

    Walt on the Hairston signing and playing short. Looks like A Gon is the man until he proves he CAN’T play short.

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