Wow, that’s OLD!

Here’s a pretty funny story from the Hartford Courant about Bernice Gallego, an old lady who along with her husband own an antiques store. Among the piles of junk, they discovered a Peck & Snyder baseball card of the Cincinnati Red Stockings, circa 1870.

She’s not a baseball fan, but thought since the card was old, she could sell it on eBay for a few bucks. Initially, she listed it for $10, but later took it down when she realized it might be worth slightly more than that. While the value hasn’t been determined yet, some are saying it could go for as much as six figures.

Dear diary, Jackpot!

The article goes on to say that while Bernice was trying to figure out the value of the card, she put it in a sandwich bag and tacked it to her laundry room wall for safekeeping, evidently to keep it away from her pets who would have eaten it.

Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I’m off to an old lady’s garage sale to try to find stuff to sell on eBay for a massive profit.


  1. Dan

    The should get here down to PSA… she looks to be as old as that card.


  2. fwbaseball

    A Fort Wayne Kekiongas card from about the same time went for $43,000 in 2006.

  3. David Clark

    This story from Yahoo! Sports about a guy who’s trying to get every card in the 1983 Fleer set autographed is so far up our alley it’s not even funny. Found it when I was reading the same story Paul posted about. I’d say it’s a good read for even non-card collectors, a must-read for card collectors.

  4. Dan

    so true… that story is right up our alley. we propbably could have blown that up a little more.

    I did post it on the OMGreds Twitter feed the other day, if that helps :)

    I’m working on getting all the Reds in the ’87 Topps set signed now. Not quite as ambitious as the ’83 Fleer set, but still kinda cool… right??

  5. David Clark

    Definitely cool (about the ’87 Topps). Yeah, I thought about blowing this up more but figured right after Paul’s post about Bernice that it was too closely related.

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