Morgan + Bench + Ellen = Clooney

Looks like our good friend Ellen had a little help recruiting George Clooney to be on her show by tag teaming with a couple of Big Red Machiners. Apparently Joe Morgan and Johnny Bench somehow lured Clooney onto her daytime show. I’m not quite sure what to make of this story but if you would like to read all about it, click the link below.

Hot pics of George Clooney’s bare chest


  1. Dan

    What is up with JB wearing the “frameable” version of his jersey. See the stat lines embroidered on the bottom of his shirt?!?! HI-larious. What a dork. I guess that’s all they had for him to wear… but geez. I’ve never seen anyone where one of those, let alone the actual player himself.


    haha, yeah i noticed that. i actually meant to call it out and forgot.

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