1869 Card now up for auction

1869 Red Stockings baseball card

Bernice Gallego’s old ass Red Stockings baseball card is finally up for auction. If you have the means, get your bid in now over at ye ol’ Memory Lane Inc. Or… just snipe it on February 10. Sniping would be your best bet, we think. Good luck either way.

Item description from Memory Lane, Inc.


The card was issued in 1869 and is one of the first Baseball Cards issued and also the beginning of Baseball as we know it today. The card itself was issued in multiple sizes as well as different backs. This card is the large version and most desirable and is 1 of 4 graded authentic by PSA. The card has special historical importance as it features Baseballs First Major League Team, the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings led by Hall of Famers Harry and George Wright as well as having the advertising Peck & Snyder logo on the back, who were a leading sports retailer at that time. This card has all of the players listed on the front with a red Peck & Snyder logo on the back. Condition of this incredible find is as follows: The card is centered nicely with upper right and lower right creases. Pin hole in the top middle, with normal brown toning across the card. A small white paper loss mark on the front middle players arm. The red writing is clear as well as the players on the front, which is very Rare as the other examples known to exist are slightly fuzzy. The back of the card has the same normal brown toning with no other issues. This examples condition is one of the best known to exist. “This card is extremely important because many hobbyists consider it to be one of the very first baseball cards ever produced. In addition, the sepia image featured on the front of the card captures the game of baseball in its infancy,” said Joe Orlando, President of PSA. Keep in mind this card is 140 years old, which is the same decade Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated and 4 years after the Civil War ended as well as 16 years prior to the first Gas powered vehicle and the birth of Babe Ruth. An Historical Piece of Baseball Memorabilia is up for Auction.

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