Follow the Reds Caravan

Jeff Brantley and Brandon Phillips on the Reds 2009 Caravan

We love this stuff! You can follow the Reds Caravan over the next few days on MLBblogs. We do love the squished photos – makes Brantley seem taller.

Also, our good friend Jackie Reau is apparently DRIVING one of the vehicles in the caravan and throwing down on Twitter at the same time. You can follow her updates here.

Of course, will be holding down the homebase right here in the ‘nati. You can follow us on Twitter at

AND IN OTHER NEWS… The Reds have frozen payroll for ’09. Not much a surprise really.


  1. David Clark

    I’ve actually given serious thought to road tripping to Athens for Friday night’s event since my buddies are going to a Cyclones game I refuse to attend and I’d really like to get something signed by Valaika.

  2. Deaner

    I road tripped to catch both legs of the caravan last year and ended up winning a drawing for a free pair of opening day tickets.

    My wife and I are road tipping to catch a stop of all three legs this year :)

    I would really like to catch the one in Athens on Friday night, but the day/time is bad for me. My wife and I are both OU alumni and so is Thom Brennamen who will be on the Athens caravan stop.

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