Gonzalez 100%

Looks like Alex Gonzalez will be ready to “participate at 100 percent” on Day 1 of spring training. According to reds.com, Dr. Tim Kremchek examined Gonzalez in Miami, FL putting him through a series of test and agility drills.

This is some surprising news considering a few months ago it didn’t sound like he was anywhere close to being ready for spring training. In 2007, Gonzalez batted .272 with 16 home runs and 55 rbis in 110 games. In comparison, Keppinger batted .266 with 3 home runs and 43 rbis in 121 games last year.


  1. Mike_R

    Damn your stats…i’m a Keppinger man!

  2. warnickart.com

    ha, you know i was actually surprised by those stats. i too like keppinger. i’ll be interested to see how well gonzalez does considering his been away for almost 2 years. although, his $5 million dollar contract says he’ll be the starter regardless.

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