2009 Reds Bobbleheads

I haven’t checked the reds.com promotional schedule in a while, so I’m not sure when the posted them, but here are your 2009 Reds Bobbleheads:

Joey Votto Bobblehead
Sat., May 9
vs. Cardinals
First 30,000 fans

Jay Bruce Bobblehead
Sat., Jul. 4
vs. Cardinals
First 30,000 fans

Fan’s Choice Bobblehead
Sat., Jul. 18
Vs. Brewers
First 25,000 fans

Brandon Phillips Bobblehead
Sat., Aug. 15
vs. Nationals
First 30,000 fans

Our predictions are here.


  1. Paul

    Votto + Bruce = Sweet.

    Now don’t get me wrong here, I love me some BP. But the Brandon Phillips dual bobblehead that’s currently sitting on my bookshelf just told me that they already gave out a BP bobblehead last year.

    I really hope they don’t go all 80s with it like they did with the second Adam Dunn bobblehead. Or, even worse, 90s. How about BP in a flannel shirt listening to grunge rock? Perhaps BP in a Cosby sweater?

    Come on, Reds. How about last year’s only All-Star Volquez? Or someone from the Big Red Machine?

  2. Dan

    Agreed on the Votto and Bruce. I’m a little surprised they didn’t save one for next year. But, might as well capitalize on what you got, when you know you can. Fine by me.

    I’ll stick with my prediction of the Fan’s Choice date being Reds Hall of Famers. Not much of the Big Red Machine to do… Foster, Geronimo, Rose (haha).

    You know, they could do another Johnny Bench one and make up for the debacle that giveaway was back in the day.

    An Edison Volquez ’90s bobblehead would be a hysterically awesome disaster.

    Yeah, and what’s up with another BP? I suppose he’ll be adorned with a gold glove?

  3. Deaner

    I could definitely see an Arroyo 90s grunge rock bobble coming up.

    They need to get together with JTM and make an Arroyo / Chris Welsh dual bobblehead :)

  4. Bay Rat North West

    I think BP would be better suited in a Chris Rock setup like in that movie CB4. That would be suh weet.
    How thick would you make Edison’s curls and would it come with a bottle of Soul Glow?

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