Junior back to the NL


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that Junior has chosen to sign with the Braves, according to a person close to the veteran star and familiar with the ongoing negotiations.

What’s interesting is he picked the Braves over the Mariners, according to the AJC, despite the fact that the two teams made similar offers, believed to be in the range of $2 million guaranteed, with incentives tied to staying healthy and getting a lot of plate appearances.

The Reds host the Braves April 24-26 to kick off their second homestand of the season.


  1. Dan

    I agree with a lot of other sources out there that Jr. wants to be close to family (Orlando) and the Braves do have a better shot at the post season then the M’s do. Good for Griff. I’ll go and see him play when the Braves are in town.

  2. Dan

    Look like Grif was chatting with the Braves last night, possibly finalizing a deal…


    I guess we are likely to hear something today.

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