New scoreboard at GABP

GABP new scoreboard
The new scoreboard has been installed at GABP and they were testing it today and this evening. Either side of the HUGE full-color HD display are blank right now, just waiting for more boards to be installed. The photo doesn’t do it much justice – it looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see replays of Brandon Phillips flashing his Gold Glove out at 2nd base this season.

Also – the 4192 Club is completely torn out right now. It’s just down to the bare bones. Looks like that renovation might come down to the wire and finish just in time for opening day.


  1. Deaner

    Nice! GABP needed a new one, but it’s gonna be a long time until somebody beats the one installed in KC last year. Here’s a pic:

  2. Dan

    woah… that’s gigantic! thanks for passing along the pic.

  3. Deaner

    It’s HUGE… and it honestly hard for me to believe that it isn’t distracting to players considering it’s placed smack dab center.

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