Leatherpants down! Leatherpants down!

Ol' Leatherpants - FAIL!
I appears that Jimmy has stepped aside. Here’s the scoop, via MLB Rumors

According to Chico Harlan of the Washington Post, Nationals GM Jim Bowden has resigned.

ESPN.com has more, including quotes from Bowden. Most notably, Bowden says, “I’ve become a distraction,” and, “my ability to properly represent the Washington Nationals has been compromised.”

Finally, Bill Ladson of MLB.com captures a classic quote from the GM: “I have become a distraction. Unless you are Manny Ramirez, there is no place for distraction in baseball.”


  1. Paul

    Nice post, Dan! I was just working on my own “¡Adiós pantalones de cuero!” post for this morning. :)

    We’ll miss you Leatherpants, and your crazy leather pants, Coogi sweaters and Segways.

    And to the DC area leather retailers: we hope you can all stay in business despite the massive loss of revenue you’re about to face without Bowden in town.

  2. Emily

    good riddance!

    i felt sorry for the Nats getting all of our leftovers.

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