Road Trip: Toronto Road Trip - Toronto
World Baseball ClassicAlright, folks. OMGreds is back on the road this year. First stop: Toronto for some World Baseball Classic action. Yep, that’s right. We’re trekking up north to catch some baseball, and to hit a couple of Tim Horton’s while we are there too. It will be a grand ol’ time.

As usual, we’ll be dropping pics over on the OMGreds photoblog. Check it out over the weekend so you can live vicariously through us and our nose-bleed seats at the Rogers Centre. We’ll be hitting the 2pm USA vs. Canada game on Saturday and the afternoon game on Sunday. We’re even throwing a Maple Leafs game in there too. You know we like hockey too, right?

Anywhos, you ain’t going to get much in the way of WBC previews from me. Our homies over at Red Reporter have that on lock. I will make sure to keep you up-to-date on the helmet sundae situation at the Rogers Centre. You know, just in case you’re planning on heading up with the Reds visit during inter-league play this summer. It’s important work, we know.

UPDATE: I’ve found out that AT&T wants to punish me for leaving the county by charging my a stupid insane rate for data transfers from my phone. International roaming: pfffft. So… photos on the blog may be a bit limited. Oh well.


  1. Deaner

    I was watching the US vs. Venezuela game last night and caught a glimpse of a guy in the crowd wearing a Reds cap. I thought it could have been you. Were you sitting along the third base line?

  2. Dan

    Ah! That was not me. I rocked my Reds gear on Saturday, but not Sunday. Glad to hear that there was at least one other Reds fan there. I don’t think I saw any Reds gear during the two games I was at.

    The Venezuelan fans were awesome, btw.

    More photos and stuff coming soon… maybe tonight. Still getting settled now thatI’m back in the ‘nati.

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