Finally! More WBC photos

Poor Joey Votto
We’ve posted some select photos of our trip to Toronto and the World Baseball Classic over in the OMGreds photoblog. Nothing too exciting – just some flavor from up north. A little Dunn, a little Votto… It’s all good in the hood.

Seriously, more photos this weekend. We’ll be at the Reds game on Saturday down in sunny Sarasota. Check the photoblog for the all the helmet sundae action.


  1. A

    Good pics! I was at the first three WBC games in Toronto. Sucks Canada didn’t make it past round 1. I imagine you were rooting for USA, along with Joey generally.

  2. Dan

    You know, I think I was pulling for Canada to pull out some wins and make it to the next round. I was bummed that Votto didn’t get to go further in the tournament, but it was great seeing him at spring training this past weekend.

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