Topps 3-D Live

Here’s a pretty interesting story from Yahoo! about the new Topps 3-D Live cards.

And watch this video from NY1 to see what they’re all about (sorry, there was no embed code available).


  1. PHiL

    Yes, but will it animate Dan’s 5th grade baseball card? You know – the one where he’s wearing Chris Sabo’s Rec-Specs.


    Yeah I saw these not too long ago. Pretty cool idea, although the games seemed kinda lame.

    Didn’t know Dan wore Sabo-Specs. I myself wore those as well. By middle school thought I had upgraded to the Kareem Abdul Jabbars.

  3. Dan

    Holy crap, that is pretty cool. Might have to give that a shot.

    Yes… Rec Specs… AKA racquetball goggles. haha animate that!

  4. Dan

    Damnit! I picked up some Topps cards today so I could get a card to do the 3-D thing with. Of course, it’s Windows-only at this point. The Mac version won’t be released until April :( I guess I can wait a bit. Hopefully they are still on schedule with the release.

  5. Bay Rat North West

    I have 70 of these cards if you guys want any certain players.

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