Top Six is back!

Top Six
Who doesn’t remember the days of heading down to Riverfront stadium, walking up a ticket booth and getting a “Top Six” ticket? Well, the Reds front office has NOT forgotten and have brought back the $5 Reds ticket. Total awesome.

Also coming with the return of the $5 Reds ticket is a whole new “economy menu” at ballpark concession stands. From the article:

$1 Menu Items (sold at two concessions stands, one in the Fan Zone and one on the first base side View Level )

• $1 hot dog

• $1 12 oz. Coca-Cola sodas

• $1 bag of peanuts

• $1 ice cream cup

• $1 Redlegs French Chew taffy

The $7 adult value meals are available at 18 locations and the $5 kids meal will be available at 10 locations

Sweet… C Trent has this too… as well as Reds Internal Affairs.

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  1. Mike_R

    Top Six was for real baseball fans. I kinda miss Riverfront. I know it sounds crazy, but that was home. And the grass field/ open outfield version was cool.

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