Ah, man… really?

What you gonna do when they come for you
What the hell, Tom? Gettin’ tossed in the pokey on child support charges? This is stuff that some Bengal would do (Darnay Scott, James Francis, Eric Thomas, James Brooks, etc.) and we can’t be havin’ it, dude.

Woah.. the mug shot is not lookin’ too good, Tom.


  1. warnickart.com

    i saw that, very weak. nice mug shot. i remember in high school he came and spoke to our class about drinking and driving and will always remember his quote, “god doesn’t make shit”. referring to god only makes nice things.

  2. Dan

    Oh, shit, he said that? That’s funny, yet sad.

  3. Mike_R

    Browning’s clubhouse nickname was Otis…as in Otis from Andy Griffith. It was destiny.

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