According to multiple reports (didn’t see any in particular that warranted being linked to at this point), the Reds (along with the Phillies and perhaps others) have expressed an interest in veteran outfielder Gary Sheffield, who is stuck on 499 career home runs.

Some thoughts:

• If the Reds were to sign Sheffield, would they break the home run countdown they used for Junior back out? I doubt it, but it is a big deal if you think about it … Sheff would be just the 25th in MLB history to reach 500. And McGwire and Palmeiro are the only ones in that club who aren’t still active (as long as you consider Bonds and Sosa active since both are trying to come back) who aren’t HOFers.

• Dusty’s quote: “I’ve known Sheffield forever, ever since he came into the league with Milwaukee. He was real tight with a couple of my homeys from Sac. I’ve been knowing him a long time.”

• Hal McCoy says signing Sheff would be a big mistake. He says sign Geoff Jenkins if you really feel like you have to add a veteran outfielder.

And for more on the rough and gruff reputation Hal refers to, visit Sheff’s Wikipedia page and scroll down to “Controversy.”

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  1. Emily

    PLEASE do not sign him! What a jerk.

    How do we mount a campaign against this?
    I already wrote in (although I’m sure it won’t be read).

    Any thoughts from Marty about this?

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