What the eff Fox Sports Net

Two outs left in last nights game and you cut to the Best Damn Sports Show…nice. Anyone else have this problem, or was it just us Kentuckians?


  1. Dan

    Na, it was everywhere. C Trent and others were Tweeting about it last night:


  2. warnickart.com

    Interesting. So it sounds like its certainly on FSN. Pretty bad. Were you watching it? I couldn’t believe it.

    Man, if theres one reason to hate Twitter, the verb “Tweeting” would be tops.:)

  3. Dan

    Wasn’t watching it, but following along on MLB Gameday. I saw the FSN stuff via Twitter shortly after.

  4. CDH

    Same thing here, I turned to the MLB Gameday to see if I had missed it and by the time I got there it was already over. I was wondering if I had just left the room at the wrong time or something.

  5. warnickart.com

    i had been watching it the whole night and decided to watch the final inning from my bed. once i’m tucked in, theres no getting out, so i just flipped it to espn and watched the ticker at the bottom of the screen to see if they held on.

  6. Mike_R

    It happened to me in South Pasadena, Ca. – i was watching synched with gameday audio. Luckily I heard Marty make the call. That was a gutsy win. A comeback and an epic hold. Go reds

  7. Deaner

    We didn’t even get the game here in Toledo… the Cavs were on FS Ohio.

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