Kudos …

Danny Graves, Eddie Taubensee

… to FS Ohio for showing the entire game tonight. Three cheers for FS Ohio! HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY!

By the way, did anyone happen to hear Homer 1530’s Laynce (intentionally misspelled “Laynce” in honor of Laynce Nix’s CLUTCH pinch-hit RBI double tonight to give the Reds their first big insurance run in the 9th) McAlister absolutely ripping FS Ohio a new one earlier today over the debacle Monday night? It was outstanding. I wish I had audio of it … better yet, I wish whoever at FS Ohio was to blame would have heard it.

As far as the game, I was fired up that Hairston homered (just what he needed) and impressed with the way they broke it open in the 9th. Also impressed with Bill Hall’s gem to get the lightning-quick Willy Taveras out at first in the top half of the inning and Hairston’s quick-thinking diving stab in the bottom of the 9th. And Arroyo of course.

That’s three wins in a row. Guess how many winning streaks of 3 or more the Reds had during the entire 2008 season? 9. What does that mean? Not sure. But I do know this. If they can win again tomorrow to sweep the Brew Crew, they’ll be two games above .500 – which was their high point of the 2008 season (on April 10, 2008).

UPDATE: Apparently 700WLW messed up last night at about the same time FS Ohio messed up the night before. Can anyone get it right?

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