An Endorsement: Sam LeCure

Vote Sam LeCure: 2009 Reds Fan's Choice Bobblehead

We here at OMGreds resoundly endorse Reds Pitcher Sam LeCure as the 2009 Reds’ Fan’s Choice Bobblehead. We will be voting for Sam daily at in hopes that he will get the bobblehead that he so rightfully deserves. As a young minor leaguer, there is no better representative for the Fan’s Choice Bobblehead other than Sam LeCure. He has proved hard-working and diligent in his quest to make “The Show” and should aptly be rewarded by having his head proudly bobbling all around Great American Ball Park on the evening of Saturday, July 18, bringing joy to children of the Greater Cincinnati area, and mass hysteria to eBay resellers everywhere.

Sam LeCure

While Sam is “Our Man,” we do realize that there are many pitchers from which fans will be choosing for this very special honor. We implore you to do your duty as a fan, and vote… for YOUR candidate, for the pitcher you feel is most deserving of living on in ceramic glory, to be perched above computer desks in basement home-offices all around the suburban Cincinnati area next to B-Lark, Wily Mo, The Doggie, Felipe, Spuds, Dunner, Vice Dunner, ED and the others. For the candidate that you feel is most worthy of being coveted by a three-year-old child for 15 to 25 seconds, then slammed to the ground, shattering into tens of pieces, with its only hope of being restored left to his grandmother and a tube of Crazy Glue. For the candidate that you want some middle-aged dude to randomly say “What the hell is this??” when they are handed their bobblehead at the gate, not realizing that it was a bobblehead night, and then giving it to the first person they see as they navigate the confusingly dense crowd on their way to find the client and his family he gave tickets to for that night to shake and howdy for 15 minutes about TPS reports and shit and then bolt GABP to get home in his white Taurcedes company car.

We just want you to make a choice. We have made ours, and we would love it if you proudly stood with us and cast your online entry daily for Sam LeCure for 2009 Reds Fan’s Choice Bobblehead.

Do the right thing. Vote for change. Vote for the fighter. Vote with your heart. Vote. Vote for Sam.


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