Griffey’s Seattle Homecoming

There’s a pretty good article in this week’s SI about Ken Griffey Jr.’s return to Seattle, and what he means to the fans and the team there. The article notes that in many fans eyes, Junior was a big reason Safeco Field was built and kept the Mariners in Seattle when they were rumored to be moving to Tampa.

I enjoyed Junior’s years in Cincinnati. It was nice to see him reach some important career milestones here, and I feel lucky to have watched the best player of the ‘90s in person so many times, but he definitely belongs in Seattle to end his career.


  1. Kelly

    I saw the movie Little Big League when I was a kid. The movie is about this tween whose grandpa leaves him the Minneapolis Twins when he dies, and since the kid actually has a good head for baseball and doesn’t get caught up in the business blah blah purity of the game et cetera, he actually gets the Twins from last place to shouting distance of the playoffs on the strength of his managing.

    But in the wild-card game, the Twins go up against the Mariners. No they don’t. The movie makes it very clear that the Twins are going up against Ken Griffey Jr. And even though everyone knows this movie is supposed to end with the kid’s favorite Twins player hitting a towering home run for the win, instead it ends with Griffey making a spectactular catch.

    Because he’s just that good. Early-’90s Griffey is so otherworldly good that he even transcends the logic of feel-good family sports movies.

    And that’s my memory of Griffey in Seattle.

  2. Paul

    Great memory, Kelly! I love that Griffey thwarted a happy ending in the movies!

  3. Daedalus

    Totally unrelated, but if you have any readers in the DC area, I’m trying to organize a gathering to watch the game Wednesday at Solly’s on U Street. Any chance you could pass on the word? Other teams like the Bread $ox have bars in the area. Might as well have one for the FIRST TEAM IN PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL!!!111!!! The bartender at Solly’s on Wednesday nights is a Reds fan, so it’s the perfect place to have it.

    More info:

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