Never know who you’ll meet at GABP

Leo Cardenas
You never know who you will meet at the ballpark, and this past Saturday, I was lucky enough to meet a couple of Reds greats.

Lee MayLee May was doing a signing in the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum on Saturday before the game against the Braves, so I made sure I brought a couple of baseball cards with me to have him sign. After talking to Mr. May for a few minutes, I stuck around and checked out the new Crosely Field exhibit (very cool – you should go) and who walks in? None other than Chuck Harmon, the first African-American player for the Reds. I’ve always heard he’s a first class guy, so I was excited to meet him, and of course, get his autograph as well. So, while all this is happening, I learn that Leo ‘Chico’ Cardenas is sitting near Chuck Harmon in the back of the stands near first base. No way!

Chuck HarmonSo, in a funny twist to the story, I actually have three Cardenas baseball cards in my bag with me at the game. I had just purchased them that morning, in anticipation of his upcoming appearance at the Reds HOF on May 9th. I had gone straight to the game, and didn’t get a chance to drop them off at home. So, needless to say, I am stoked.

I didn’t go track down Mr. Cardenas right away, but after a few innings, fellow OMGer, Paul, and I head down to find him. Sure enough, he was sitting right where I heard he was going to be. We chatted with him for a few, he signed our cards and he couldn’t have been any nicer.

It was an honor to meet all those great Reds on Saturday. You never know who your going to run into, eh? It sure made up for the bad game the Reds turned in that day.

So, if you can, do yourself a solid and make sure you go meet Leo Cardenas at the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum on Saturday, May 9th. He’ll be signing from 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM. FYI: You’ll have to pay admission to get into the Hall. More info

Oh, and that’s also Joey Votto Bobblehead night. Holla.

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