Little of this, little of that

Edinson Volquez

How sharp was Volquez last night. And what a great game for Rosales. I’m not exactly the first to say this but he’s going to endear himself to a lot of Reds fans by doing stuff like sprinting to first base after a walk and generally having a positive attitude.

Some numbers of interest:

11: Consecutive games the Astros had won at Great American Ball Park before last night.

17: Number of batters Volquez retired in a row.

17: Left on base for the Reds last night. They won anyway.

20: Home runs Reds killer Lance Berkman has hit at GABP – most by any visiting player. But Berkman was out of the starting lineup Wednesday night.

20: Number of walks Volquez had allowed in 20 1/3 innings entering last night’s game. He only walked one last night.

36?: At the end of last night’s broadcast I heard Thom say it was only the 36th (or 38th?) game in the history of GABP (about 500 games) without a home run. That would be only about once every 14 games.

12,681: Announced attendance Wednesday, the biggest crowd of the 3-game series against the Astros.

34,924: Attendance for the series. GABP’s seating capacity is 42,271.

BTW, what was up with the text poll they did during the broadcast where they had a list that had been narrowed to four and asked who you would want to see as a bobblehead? And Daniel Ray Herrera was winning the poll? Pretty strange … I don’t think the text poll was associated with the actual ballot on (where voting ended at noon today and Volquez won). Is that the case?

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