Vote or Die. BY NOON!

Sam LeCure - Bobble

Vote or Die says Ditty, yo

Believe us, Ditty would want you to vote Sam LeCure as the Reds 2009 Fans Choice Bobblehead. Todays’ you last day to throw your vote down for Sam. Let’s rally and get this man a bobble!

Voting ends at noon, folks!!! NOON! So… GO VOTE

UPDATE: Voting has ended. Thanks so much for the support, folks. We can only wait and see now.

Edinson Volquez Bobblehead

UPDATE #2: Your 2009 Fans Choice Bobblehead is Edinson Volquez. Hey, that’s kick ass. Thanks for playing along and voting for Sam. He’ll have a bobblehead soon enough. Here’s hoping for 2010! But, for right now, we’re looking forward to July 18th.


  1. Mike_R

    i did my part and voted leCure, but man a Danny Ray Herarra bobble would be sweet.

  2. Dan

    Herarra in ’10. Let’s do it!

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