Janish on the mound

Things were grim last night, we’re not gonna lie. So bad that shortstop Paul Janish was brought in to pitch the 9th. And here are those fun stats:

1 IP, 5 hits, 5 er, 0 bbs, 2 ks.

Sure, it looks rough, but somehow it’s still waaaaay better than Arroyo’s performance last night:
1 IP, 7 hits, 9 er, 3 bbs, 0 ks

Add him to the rotation! Where’s his bobblehead?

We here at omgreds are sensing a hot new trend in blowouts: having a random dude pitch the late innings. It’s already happened a couple of times this year. Nick Swisher came into the 9th during a messy game against the Rays (he fared best – a scoreless frame and one strikeout) and Jonathan Van Every took the mound for the Red Sox also after being crushed by the Rays. He, like Janish, did not fare as well. Such trendsetters in Boston. Are the Reds just being copycats? We’ll know for sure if Willie Taveres tries to steal home later this month.

Read more about Janish’s pitching prowess here.


  1. David Clark

    Janish fanned J.J. Hardy … he was throwing 92!

    Apparently he was a pitcher at Rice.

  2. Mike_R

    I ONCE SAW Davey Conception mop up a game. Teams used to do it more, but after Canseco hurt doing it i think Managers calmed down on the tactic as that memory fades…more alterna pitchers.

  3. Ronson

    Yeah, the Reds should just keep him in both spots. A shortstop/closer? Now that’d be a versatile player.

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