UPDATE: Cowboy’s man-crush on Votto

Brantley REALLY seems to have a thing for man’s man Joey Votto. His obsession reached new levels of hilariousness/creepiness on Thursday night during the Fox Sports broadcast. Cowboy and Thom were in the booth and each had a Joey Votto bobblehead in hand, previewing the giveaway for Saturday’s game. Brantley began asking the Votto-head questions about how he was feeling (he was out of the lineup with a case of the flu). Brantley would then answer his own questions in a deep, sexy, Votto-voice.

It was epic television. I’ll post video if I can find any.


  1. warnickart.com

    Ah man, totally missed it. We were watching the game, but had just put it on mute while they were talking about the bobbleheads to watch something on the computer. Boooo, I wanna see this.

  2. Dan

    Oh, it was border-line epic. The broadcast was pretty silly all night long, and this took the cake. I wonder if Uecker coming to town just get them silly.

    A second close to this was Jim Day out in the bleachers talking about singles night. A lone girl (not single, btw) came up and sat with him… probably on a bet. It took her a while before she realized she was actually on TV as well.

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