Good news about Votto

Reds first baseman Joey Votto has an ear infection that should clear up in a few days with medication, doctors have concluded.

Votto had a series of tests in two cities after he experienced dizzy spells during a West Coast trip last week. Doctors think the infection in his left ear is linked to a case of the flu he and Brandon Phillips had earlier in the month. Flights to Arizona and San Diego last week aggravated the ailment.

From the AP story:

“That’s probably what brought on the symptoms,” trainer Mark Mann said. “In the last four days, Joey’s felt much better. He hasn’t had any more symptoms since he got back to Cincinnati.”

Votto will work out before the start of a game Friday night against Cleveland. He could return to action over the weekend.

Don’t necessarily expect him in the starting lineup on Friday though. Dusty said he wants to give him a couple of days to “get his feet under him,” take BP, work out, etc. I’d imagine if he feels well before the game on Friday he might be available to pinch hit.

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  1. Mike_R

    if Votto was raking during his ear infection why does he need to delay his return?

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