OMGRandom observations from tonight’s game

• What’s the most annoying thing the ‘bag sitting behind you at the game has ever said? For my money, “There goes the perfect game/no-hitter” in the first or second inning when the visiting team collects its first hit … is right up there. Anybody else got any good ones?

• A guy in my section tonight was proudly wearing a Phillies’ Pete Rose jersey, which is pretty much the ultimate F.U. to Reds’ fans. Well played, sir.

• I honestly think they need to make the Reds Rally Game (that bingo card they hand you on the way into the stadium) easier to win. Granted, I was playing for the first time (before you judge me, I attended the game with my mother, and we played per her suggestion, and yes I actually did enjoy it … I’m not going to play along every time but I could see where it would be a guilty pleasure even for a baseball fan who normally doesn’t need to play the dollar game or mound ball or whatever to make the game more interesting and/or pass the time) and I didn’t necessarily expect to win my first time playing but there couldn’t have been more than 40 people inside the ballpark playing. I mean, who is a) paying close enough attention and b) has a pen with them and c) isn’t drinking … it’s pretty easy to narrow down the field of those playing along. And some of the squares you’d be lucky to circle once if you went to every game for a week. A triple by the pitcher?? A pinch-hit double?? Come on. With mom and I playing along and not missing anything, one of us should’ve at least been close by the end of a game in which the Reds had 12 hits. I would’ve had a winner if only Adam Rosales had hit a pinch-hit, 3-run homer in the 8th … but wouldn’t you know, he didn’t. The rules say no more than 25 winners per game … but let’s at least try to get to 25.

• To Jay Bruce and Willy Taveras: Jamie Moyer is left-handed (natural move to first) and he’s been pitching in the big leagues since 1986 (that’s right … the year BEFORE Bruce was born). You might want to be careful when you take a lead because I’ll bet this guy has picked off a few in his day.

• I hate to say this but having watched tonight I can see where some sports talk hosts are coming from when they say Alex Gonzalez doesn’t look like his heart is in it and doesn’t really look like he’s trying that hard. I’m sure it’s not easy when you know you can hit and you’re down at .178, but he’s kind of giving the impression through body language that he might not care that much. I wonder how long they’ll let him struggle before someone takes his spot in the lineup. I’m not saying that needs to happen now but might happen soon if it continues.

Also, it’s Jonny Gomes time … get him up here and let’s play with a full roster available! Throw him into the outfield rotation and let him pinch-hit.


  1. Mike_R

    nice post dave.
    I HATE when people have no idea what a balk is. I’ve heard people yell BALK with no one on base.

  2. David Clark

    That’s a great call. And the funny thing is Moyer actually did have a balk last night.

  3. gonz

    I’m guilty of the “no hit” line. Usually, though, I say it to my wife.

    Probably my favorite ‘bag comment was on Opening Day when the Mets loaded the bases. The lady sitting behind me said, well, they have a loaded plate.

  4. David Clark

    loaded plate … that’s brutal

  5. Dan

    Maybe they were in the ‘all you can eat’ seats?


    I’ve actually won the Bingo game. My prize, a Ryan Freel #6 baseball. Don’t know where it is.

    Also, I hate, hate, hate the beach balls at the game. You’re trying to watch the game but keep finding yourself keeping an eye on the beach ball so you don’t get hit up side the head.

  7. Dan

    I’ve one one as well. The problem that game was – everyone else did too. I hauled ass down to the Reds Community Fund booth to pick up my prize, but hey had all been redeemed at that point. So, on the back of the card, it says you can play at home and mail in a winning card. I shot it off in the mail the next day and the Reds sent me a copy of ‘Clucth Hits’ on compact disc, featuring our very own Rob Warnick. I need to get him and the guys from And Andy to autograph it.

    So, it is possible to win the rally game… but usually a bitch.

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