Alright, folks

Damn Cubs fans and their damn Snuggies - FAIL!
Okay Reds fans, you’re being testing right now. Our team just dunn got swept by the Brew, our savior Joey Votto is on the DL for some mysterious reason and we’re heading into St. Louis to face serial Reds Killer A. Pujols and he band of merry chubs.

This is where a hell of a lot of Reds fans will be jumping off ye ol’ bandwagon.

We can’t let it happen though. The Reds will be back in town this weekend with the Cubs and their damn fans and their damn Snuggies coming with them. We should never have to say this, but we have to rally. Get your butt down to the ballpark this weekend, get your Reds gear on and root your ass off. You and the greater ‘Nati area will be better for it. Shut the Cubs fans out of our park. We don’t want to see any blue there this weekend.

Plus, there’s some nice swag being handed out this weekend. You know us, we’re suckers for free crap. Saturday is baseball card night. Sweet! Sunday the Reds are giving fans a matted photo of Joey Votto… with 500 of them actually signed by the man, himself. Can you believe that? MATTED! Those things are expensive at Michael’s (make sure you bring a coupon, that always helps). Too bad JV won’t be in the house for all that jazz. And, if that wasn’t enough, mister 50-homers-in-a-season George Foster will be signing autos and kissing babies in the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum before the game on Saturday. Make sure to wish him luck on Dancing with the Stars.

And who doesn’t want to see the Reds beat the hell out of Dempster? Friday night – It’s on!

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