Brennaman and Jones on Baseball

I can’t even listen anymore these two have gotten so out of control. This morning they were talking about some bogus secret pitch discovered while they were having a catch with Tracy’s son. I don’t need them to just discuss a legitimate issue every time they do the segment, but they must think we’re going to enjoy their inside jokes and I never do … in fact, I really don’t find Tracy’s shtick funny at all. And he and Eddie are brutal in the afternoon … does anyone actually enjoy listening to these guys? Somebody must if they’re still on, but I don’t get how you could …


  1. rpa

    i have found eddie/tracy almost tolerable if they have an intersting subject to discuss. sometimes find myself listening involuntarily when driving in the p.m. because i like news/traffic at that time of day.

    even so… yeah, jones schtick was at least… uhh… well, you could deal with it 3 or 4 hours a week on weekend extra innings. 3 hours a day i imagine is intolerable. it helps when you know it's an act, but that still doesn't quite make up for it.

    as for that ridiculous "secret pitch" crap today, i heard that (wanted to get traffic headed back in to town from a road-trip today) and it was pretty stupid.

    i miss burbank. corny as he could be, i just liked listening to him talk. can't say the same about tracy. eddie, well, he's alright. maybe pair him with someone else.

  2. Brandon

    Eddie and Tracy are proof that people are stupid and will listen to anything.

    Incidentally, and I don't know if you're aware, but Tracy played the game. I just wanted to remind you of that, because you aren't qualified to have an opinion now.

    I'm sorry, where was I? Oh, yeah, Tracy Jones sucks.

  3. Dave

    rpa: I have the same problem … listening involuntarily in order to get news/traffic … otherwise it probably wouldn't bother me as much how brutal they are because I'd just listen to Mo/Lance on Homer.

    I find myself missing Burbank too, also because I used to call into Sports or Consequences all the time.

    Brandon: Exactly.


    man don't get me started about tracy. and the secret pitch thing today was awful, absolutely awful. i also caught it twice today. once in the am and once on the way home and i listened to the whole thing both times…don't ask me why. to lazy to change the station i guess.

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