Post-game thoughts

Just when you thought the Reds’ offense couldn’t look any more pathetic … it’s an 80-pitch! complete game by a guy who has spent most of the season at Triple-A. If you were wondering how that game only took 2 hours and 12 minutes, that’s why … Hochevar only threw 80 pitches. And 8 Reds batters managed one single and one walk the entire night … turns out Jonny Gomes can’t win a game all by himself.

I just wonder if we might’ve scored more than one run and/or finished with more than 3 hits if we’d had a guy leading off who wasn’t now 0 for his last 28. And 10 for his last 82. With an on-base percentage on the season of .288. How good a chance do you give your team to win when you start a guy whose on-base percentage is .288 and have him lead off?

It’s nights like these – losing to the third-worst team in baseball a day after losing to the worst team in baseball – that makes us want to root for guys who are from Cincinnati instead of the guys who play here. How about a quick OMGReds shout-out to Sycamore High School grad and former University of Cincinnati star Kevin Youkilis, who homered tonight (his 11th of the season) and is hitting .350 this season, second only to Ichiro in the American League. WAY TO GO YOUK!

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