OMGRandom nitpicky observations

• Nice touch with the wall wrap to commemorate tonight’s festivities … but have somebody proofread it before it gets printed. BTW, if any of my friends did this … I’m an ass and I apologize. Easy mistake to make and overall I thought the wrap looked very sharp. Please let me know and I’ll remove this part of the post. Thanks-

• I know you really don’t have to, but it might make for a cooler keepsake for those who attended if you printed CIVIL RIGHTS GAME on the tickets. People do like to keep the stubs, and it was kind of a big deal that it was the Civil Rights Game tonight, right?

• There were a lot of disappointed folks who didn’t get the Frank Robinson mesh jerseys given away to the first 20,000. I’m not saying they should have given away more – that’s their call – I just honestly couldn’t believe they were gone by 6 p.m. – 1 hour and 40 minutes before the first pitch and the giveaway is gone. That’s got to be a record at GABP, right?

• This isn’t Civil Rights Game-specific, but I’ve been meaning to go off about this for awhile. The playground is for the bigger (and crazier) kids; the bounce house is for the younger kids. The rules posted at the bounce house specifically state that it is for kids 10 and younger. PLEASE hire a kid (the employee who sits there hating life that they got assigned to it and tells kids when they can enter the bounce house) who can say “no” when a 19-year-old tries to convince him that he’s 10. Otherwise some cute little 4-year-old kid is going to get hurt when kids 3 and 4 times his age are in there roughhousing, and that would be bad. (By the way, there were definitely more than 4 in the inflatable at a time on several occasions tonight, and that bounce house NEVER stays open until the end of the eighth inning as that sign suggests.)

• Good thing our criticism of Willy Taveras lit a fire … Willy is 3-for-5 tonight, raising his average to .227 for the season, further distancing himself from the Mendoza Line. Way to go Willy! If Willy keeps this up, we’re going to have to turn our attention to Adam Rosales, who has 3 hits in 32 at-bats (.094) in June.

• Danny Richar AND Nick Masset – the two players the Reds acquired for Junior – make appearances against their former team. OMG! Think the Reds were trying to send a message just a little … like “aren’t you glad you gave us these two impressive young players in exchange for a washed-up (though future Hall of Fame) outfielder you hoped would propel you to the World Series?”

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  1. Dan

    Another nit-picky thing we noticed on Friday and Saturday night – The video board displayed some great moments in Civil Rights history in between innings (very nice touch!), but "Muhammad", as in Muhammad Ali was misspelled several times. DOH! I believe the spelling in the video pieces was "Mohammed". Though a correct spelling, it's not the way the man formally known as Cassius Clay spelled it :)

    We were a little bummed about not being able to get a Frank jersey either, but those are the breaks. If the Reds want to do another Frank Robinson jersey night, I think we would go.

    Overall, the game was fantastic. All the festivities that lead up to the game throughout the weekend were outstanding. I think the Reds & MLB made Cincinnati very proud this weekend.

  2. Dave

    a) good catch

    b) sick to my stomach watching Shite Sox fans walk around holding the Frank jerseys (not that they don't have as much of a right to show up early and get them but still)

    c) yeah, glad I went … even though I didn't get to see that much of it because I was trying to keep my son from getting messed up by 19-year-olds in the bounce house :D

  3. Deaner

    There were a group of four people standing behind me in line at the gates to GABP. None of them seemed to be supporting either of the two teams playing. Each person in the group had a stack of AT LEAST 10 tickets. I gave them some very nasty looks and I watched them walk in and out of the gates collecting a total of 40+ Robinson jerseys. If one of them would have made eye contact with me, I would have said something to them.

  4. Dave

    NOT cool

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