Chilly Willy

Here’s the lineup for tonight … keep in mind we’re doing our darndest to try to avoid being swept …

CF Willy Taveras
3B Jerry Hairston Jr.
2B Brandon Phillips
1B Joey Votto
DH Jonny Gomes
C Ramon Hernandez
RF Jay Bruce
SS Paul Janish
LF Chris Dickerson

It would be great to get Hanigan’s bat in there, but I think the biggest problem I have is that Willy Taveras is leading off again. It’s not just that June has been a nightmare for Willy. He only has a .269 OBP – second-lowest on the team – for the season! Why would you want the guy with the second-lowest OBP on the team – who doesn’t work the count or walk or do the things you want your leadoff guy to do – batting leadoff every night?? Doesn’t make any sense.

The Reds are going to play themselves out of this race if they keep losing – dropping 5 out of 6 is not good. If Willy keeps batting leadoff despite his inability to contribute, we might just have to start following the Florence Freedom pretty soon. I checked and is available.

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