The Eric Davis Fan Club

Lets WebVersate

So, is anyone out in OMGland a member of the Eric Davis Fan Club?

We first heard of the ED Fan Club (haha) last week leading up to the Civil Rights Game. It was mentioned in a couple of Reds PR releases the week before and announced at the game last Friday that he was going to be at the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum posing for photos with members of the fan club last Saturday, the morning of the Civil Right Game. Word on the street is that he didn’t actually show up – but that is unconfirmed.

The dudes here at OMGreds are big fans of Eric Davis (At least I think we all are? Are we?), just like most everyone else in the Redleg Nation. I mean, that catch in the ’90 World Series was stuff of legend, right? So, ED having a fan club or whatever is pretty cool, really. But, have you seen the membership prices? Depending on what membership level you choose, you can pay up to $239.40 for a membership! Oh, and no, there is no $19.99 option for a mildly interested fan, the cheapest your going to get is 119.40. SAY WHAAAAT?

Seriously, who on earth is going to pay that? Yeah, you get a couple of signed items and periodic “interactive” emails but really, what on earth would get someone to pay that kind of money for an Eric Davis Fan Club Membership?

Okay, there is one really cool part of the Fan Club – You can have a “WebVersation” with Eric. Dude, just call him anytime – 555-555-5555. Do it, we dare ya.

ED – really… we love ya. But, don’t play us like this.


  1. Dave

    I just joined. I wasn't going to until I saw that included in the membership was a chance to be registered for a trip for 4 to Hawaii. I can justify $119.40 if it means a shot at going to Hawaii.

  2. Dan

    Dude, you can win the trip to Hawaii – I'll win the trip to the All-Star game. You think ED would site with me at the game?

  3. thewritersjourney

    Wow. That's steep. I don't love any ballplayer that much.

  4. Eric The Red Davis is an awesome Ball Player but most of all a GREAT MAN of Honor. He was the host of a wonderful Instructional Camp Play Like The Pros in Charlotte NC. The kids Loved his teaching and with His Hitting from the Heart DVD and His New Instructional Camp DVD is just like him HOT…… Take a look at them.

    God Bless Eric Davis a Real Ball Player and Great Man… A Legend

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