Corky Miller Bobblehead

Corky Miller Bobblehead - Full Length!

You thought we were kidding right? Of course you didn’t. You know we’re goofy enough not only to own a Corky Miller bobblehead, but still actually have it. In our defense, we did have to dig deep into OMGreds warehouse storage to find it. He was safely wrapped in a Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper… about the only thing an actually newspaper is good for these days.

Funny thing is, if you do a Google image search for “Corky Miller Bobblehead” you actually can’t find any. Heck, you find images from our Sam LeCure LeVote before you find any of Corky. Well, here ya go… TWO photos of Corky’s legacy to the Chattanooga Lookouts. It’s like we’re doing the internet a friggin’ favor or something.

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