I apologize for being an ass and kind of poking fun but believe me when I say I’m doing so in as good-natured a manner as possible (while still being an ass).

Just saw another Craigslist posting … check it out … and tell me if this deal sounds a little shady to you, too.

And before you call me an ass for poking fun, what have I really done wrong? Heck, I got this guy a few extra hits on his Craigslist posting that he wouldn’t have otherwise gotten, that’s all :D


  1. Dan

    ecjaz@yahoo.com. Once again ecjaz@yahoo.com. Just one more time ecjaz@yahoo.com. Hit me! UH! One more time ecjaz@yahoo.com. UH! YEAH! ecjaz@yahoo.com. Two more times UH UH ecjaz@yahoo.com ecjaz@yahoo.com. HIT ME! UH! ecjaz@yahoo.com. Again, that's ecjaz@yahoo.com. UH! UH! UH! ecjaz@yahoo.com YEAH!

    Make sure you include a phone number.


  2. Mike_R


  3. Mike_R

    I kid dave…These reds…gotta make some noise this weekend.
    How many games are OMGers going to?

  4. Dave

    Glad I didn't go tonight. I would have been one pissed off hombre if I had been there to watch Weathers serve one up right over the plate like that to Pujols after Homer pitched his heart out.

    Going Saturday to get Bruce bobbleheads.

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